Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics offers information regarding traffic to our blogs. Information ranges from where the traffic is coming from, what browsers and operating systems they use as well as how long long they stay on the pages. In relation to Blogger's statistics, they offer a lot of information to the owner of the blog.
According to Blogger I have a grand total of 730 page views since I started my blog back in late January. I'm sure the majority of those views are me view my own blog. Last month I had 280 page views.
Google Analytics tells me which of my pages get the most traffic. Below is a screen shot of my pages:
My most popular page is unsurprisingly my main page with 164 views. My second most popular page is my 'First Image' page for my Photoshop assignment.

Referrals to my page are also traced by both Blogger and Google Analytics. Unsurprisingly most referrals come from Colin's blog (http://colinmcit.blogspot.ie/p/comp6023-student-blogs.html.) Referrals from his site surpasses others by over 200 page views.
33 page views came from the website filmhill, (http://www.filmhill.com/redirect.php?url=http://flf-course.com?a_aid=510d2acc92117&a_bid=6f93443e) by the looks of it a spam site. Other referrals come from others in my web publishing class.

Over the last month the there was almost as many new visitors as there were returning visitors, as the pie chart demonstrates. The difference being just 1.5%.

The most popular browser to view my blog was Firefox with Google Chrome in second.
The most popular Operating System to view my blog was, by far, Windows. The rest of the OS's comprised of Mac, Linux and Unix.
The most popular ISP to view my blog was local ethernet which I assume is the computers in CIT. So it's no real surprise that it's the most popular ISP. Below is a list of page views in relation to their ISPs.


Google Analytics is a free and extremely useful tool that web owners can utilise. They can use the information gather by Google to potentially increase they page views by focusing on what gets a lot of traffic and what doesn't.  

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Week 11 Lectures

Didn't go the the Google Analytics on Tuesday but I watched parts of the video and it seems the same as last weeks class. I spent the double lab working on my piracy essay. Took some serious effort but I ended up with 2200 word and it looks a half decent essay. The Web Publishing course is winding down and I just have to do the analytic report over the weekend and I'll be done.

Me the past week

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Week 10 Lectures

Only one class this week and it was on web server logs versus Google Analytics. The class tied in with our end of semester blog report on our own blog analytics. Colin showed us the analytics for his blog but I'm sure it was just an excuse to boast about his page views. Google analytics is free and really detailed, every website should be utilising it.

I finished my image compression assignment but still have to work on my essay. Next weeks blog will be the last blog before I can start my analytics assignment and then I'll be finished web publishing.

Me the past weeks

Monday, 1 April 2013

Week 9 Lectures

The first lecture class was spent talking about video compression. The 2 variants of compression we looked at were:
1. Intra-Frame Compression - Relies on only the single, specific frame it is working with to compress the data within it.
2. Inter-frame compression - Relies on preceding and occasionally forthcoming frames to compress an image.

In the second lab Colin discussed podcasting. Originally audio files in RSS feeds nowadays have be given a broader spectrum and have been credited with the revival of the radio. There is a vast array of podcast genres.    
The only podcast I make a concerted effort to listen to is The Tuesday Club podcast. It's about Arsenal F.C. and features Alan Davies (the fella off Qi)


I just thought I'd do a blog post just for the sake of continuity.
I'm still struggling away with the essay. Just 600 words so far and it has become a massive time sink. It's billed as 'Internet Ethics' (or some aspect of it) and it has turned into an essay about piracy ethics. The questions is whether or not I'll be able to write 2000 words on the subject.
I've finished talking about the morality of it and now I've moved onto DRM. Looking forward to talking about SimCity5 and EA's failings.
I should also do some study fo next weeks in class tests. 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Week 8 Lectures

Colin started off the lecture by going over dithering. It's juxtaposing pixels of two colours to create the illusion that a third colour is present. It makes a heavily banded GIF image look halfway decent.

JPEGs were also discussed. JPEGs should be used for natural images, ones with lots of colours. JPEGs shouldn't be used for logos as the image will lose its sharpness. 

PNGs are not well suited to photographs unlike JPEG.
PNGs are generally larger in file size.
PNG files are lossless, which means that they do not lose quality during editing, unlike jpegs.
We've had to abandon our Google Marketing Challenge and now we have a essay to do. I chose 'Internet Ethics' which I feel will be an extremely interesting and controversial topic. I need to send in a 2000 word draft in two weeks so I should stop procrastinating and start typing.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Week 7 Lectures

Week 7's lectures dealt with pixel depth reduction, colour look-up tables, and dithering. It tied in with our 'save photos for the web' assignment (working title.) It was fairly interesting; like a art class crossed with a computer class. What was interesting to note was how few colours we needed and still have a reasonable looking image. Obviously if you were to make a professional website you'd want high quality photos.

I'm writing this blog post on St. Patrick's day which shows how much I care about the holiday. Its also funny to note that every other country has a better parade than anywhere in Ireland. Apart for sounding negative the day off on Monday is handy.

Week 8 starts Tuesday and the workload has defiantly hit a new high. Tests and deadlines fill the week. It shouldn't be too bad though, bit of study, be grand.

I'm also noticing it's getting harder and harder to write these blogs: "bloggers block."